WB: Party Skill Sets

September 30, 2013 in Development

Just yesterday we discussed and potentially finalized the skills for the entire party. I also ensured that all of the effects work. We’ve had most of these determined for the last couple weeks, but we filled in the last couple holes last night and tossed out a few that were a little iffy.

So with that said, I thought I’d share the lists and see if anyone has any comments, critiques, or questions.

Things of note:

  • You can use as many skills in a turn as you have the AP for
  • AP will range from 2 to 6, with the max requiring equipment sacrifices
  • Under normal circumstances, no skill will miss
  • Some skill effects can be improved with accessories
  • All skills are single target unless otherwise stated
  • Skill names not final. Any numbers mentioned are also not final
  • The classes I list are just to give you a general idea of the character’s purpose

Gerda – Healer

  • Gather – Gather resources based on the current map. Adds the resources to your current battle inventory, allowing you to use them right away.
  • Nurse – Restores a small percentage (10?) of HP. Does not require any items.
  • Cure – Removes all harmful status effects. Requires an item. The improved version of this will also grant immunity to some status effects for a few turns.
  • Boost Potion – Improves the effects of any healing potion.
  • Wide Potion – Allows a potion to affect the entire party.
  • Restore AP – Sacrifices own AP to restore the AP of a friend. Target will gain Gerda’s current AP before using this skill, up to a maximum of 3. AP cannot exceed max.
  • Poison – Deals damage and inflicts a poison state. This is Gerda’s only means of attack. Requires a flower-type item which can change the effectiveness of the attack and/or poison.

Revive – An expensive skill that revives and restores HP to the entire party. Requires a late-game item that must be crafted. Wide potion + a good revive potion now takes the place of this.

Kai – Nuker/”Blue Mage”

  • Bash – Hits the enemy with your staff. Does not require an item
  • Experiment – Requires a monster-type item. Deals damage and possibly an effect based on the chosen item.
  • Icy Glare – Freezes the enemy and deals small damage. Does not require an item.
  • Reflect – Reflects all skills, both good and bad. Items still work. Does not require an item.
  • Toss Potion – Tosses a potion made of enemy parts that creates an effect related to said enemy. Basically blue magic with items.
  • Swipe Parts – Deals damage and rips a part off of the enemy.

Possibly removed:
Large Experiment – Same as Experiment but with an Area of Effect and improved damage. Since some Experiement effects will already be AoE, this seems a little redundant.

Hansel – Tank/Damage

Hansel does not require items for any skill. As a result, his TP costs will be higher.

  • Axe Swing – Basic melee attack.
  • Big Attack – Melee attack with an area of effect.
  • Mend – A small healing ability.
  • Lullaby – Puts the enemy to sleep.
  • Cover – Takes hits for allies.
  • Provoke – Provokes a single enemy into attacking him.
  • Counter – Gains the ability to counter attacks.

Gretal – Buffer/Damage

  • Punch – Basic melee attack.
  • Launch Arrow – All of Gretal’s bow and arrow-based skills require an arrow to use. The arrow you choose will have an effect on the attack. This one is the most basic of the three.
  • Eye Shot – Same as Launch Arrow, but with increased damage(?) and the ability to blind.
  • Arrow Barrage – Area of Effect arrow attack. Requires a Bundle of Arrows. The amount of arrows in the bundle affects the damage.
  • Lock On – Removes the enemy’s ability to dodge.
  • Swift – Gives self the ability to dodge.
  • Pump Up – Attack and defence buff.

In addition to the above, each party member will have a “pass”-type skill and a Use Item command. The pass-type skill will vary by character and can be improved with accessories. Restoring HP, TP, or increasing defence are all options. The strength of these effects is based on the amount of AP used.

If you made it through that wall of text, then good job. Here’s the recently completed bust portraits for the party’s parents to help add some pictures.