Download: [LINK] (7.6 MB)
Release Date: April 1, 2013


It’s the evening of October 30th in the small villa of Hallow’s Eve, but something is amiss. The goblins and ghouls have all discovered their most precious possessions have vanished!
Agatha, the witch; Delila, the vampire; and Bobby, the ghost have decided to set out to try and locate these items. If they can’t find them before the next day, Halloween will have to be cancelled. Luckily, Agatha has picked up a possible lead as to where the culprit has fled. 
Join the three girls as they try to save both Halloween and their home.



* Fight your way through eight unique encounters
* Use weaknesses to make quick work of your opponent, but watch out that they don’t do the same to you!
* 320 x 240 resolution remastered in 640 x 480 and brought to life like never before in Six Smashing Colours


One thought on “Halloween Flop

  1. pepelogoo says:

    I just played this game yesterday. It’s great!
    Could you tell me what music software you used?
    Also I believe you made a livestream in which you explained all the references. Can I still watch it somewhere?

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