Download Demo 2.0: [LINK] (53 MB)
Demo Release Date: January 1, 2008
Status: Hiatus


40 years ago, a war raged across the island continent, Silvania. The war pitted the magical kin of the land against the Dwarves, outsiders from Enoshia who had no magical power at all. Dragon Riders, from an unknown land, came to assist the magical creatures in the war against the Dwarves.
Overpowered and defeated, the Dwarves were banished from Silvania’s mountain ranges and forests, back to the land of their ancestors, the Orcs.
Now a Dwarf, who grew up in those troubled times, seeks revenge against the magical creatures of Silvania. With a large army, he comes to the shores of Silvania, hoping to spill the blood of those who wronged his people in the past.

Darin, Ryaena, and Phylip live on the Northern part of Silvania, still untouched by the Dwarven army. As events unfold, the trio find themselves in the midst of this struggle and another battle far bigger than the Forests of Silvania.


Darin Ardgall
When Darin was in his late teens, he and his Dragon, Kane, left their home following a tragedy. Not long after leaving he befriends a misfit centaur, Phylip, and a lost Meenian, Ryaena. The three now reside on Silvania and travel together. Darin is a heavy drinker and a constant flirt. But his best friend and ‘daughter’ both know that deep down inside he’s an honourable man.

Ryaena Ardgall
Ryaena was found by Darin when she was very small. She’s since become like his daughter and travels with he and Phylip. For the most part, Ryaena keeps to herself, but she can be known to be a bit stubborn. She trusts no one more than she trusts Darin.

Phylip Cybell
Phylip travels with Darin and Ryaena acting as a no nonsense older brother at times. He always lectures Darin about his drinking, but means well.

A Dark Elf Darin helps break out of prison. She claims to be of Noble blood and that her imprisonment was because of a betrayal. She manages to convince Darin and the others to take her homeland, Nilis.


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