Download: [LINK] (21 MB)
Release Date (Contest Version): May 17, 2010
Release Date (Deluxe): August 17, 2010

My name is Princess Monica Logelin; the eldest of the two children born to the Logelin Kingdom.
Since my younger brother is a boy, he is the one destined to take the throne and be King.
So, what did that leave for me? To train hard to be a proper lady so that maybe one day
I could be married off to another kingdom’s Prince. Essentially, my only goal in life was to be a Queen.
I was tired of a life like that.

I had slept through my studies a lot, but that day I took my defiance a few steps further than
ever before. Under the guise of taking a break, I’d gotten myself away from Madan Appleby’s
boring study and on my way towards my ultimate goal for the day!
To go on a date!

Of course, I’d need to find myself the right man for the deed first!

Originally created for RMN’s two week Game Gale contest, Castle Chase is a short adventure style game in which you explore Castle Logelin and gather items which might help you woo your potential date. The deluxe edition has worked towards fixing the bugs and flaws of the original release as well as adding new content: two new endings, several variations of existing endings, and more.

For more information, including a complete walkthrough, visit the [website]

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