Halloween Bash

Download (4.9MB): Link | Mirror
Release Date: October 31, 2013

It’s the day before Halloween, and little Roberta is excited for her first ever Halloween party at school. She simply can’t wait to get home and have her mother help her make a costume. However, an unfortunate event halts her plans, sending her on a journey in a world she never once imaged existed. She joins Dee and Eddy on their journey to save the world from a malevolent force known as Teenage Rebellion.

Colourful characters stand on your path to victory, and it is up to you to do battle with them and claim your prize. Explore your location to find stat upgrades, and win fights to learn new skills in order to increase your chances of defeating your foes.

This game takes place in the same world as Halloween Flop, but you do not need to play that game first to understand this one.

Roberta – A five-year-old who is very excited for her first Halloween Party at school. She’s a bit naive at times, but very lively.
Dee – Serious and to the point, it’s never easy to tell when Dee is telling a dry joke or being serious. She is very taken with her boyfriend, Eddy.
Eddy – Eddy is a human who takes great interest in the occult. He’s pretty easy going and madly in love with his girlfriend, Dee.

Art by MakioKuta and Racheal
Scripts by Racheal and Yanfly
Car sprite based on one from First Seed Materials

Download (4.9MB): Link | Mirror

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