Adalynne Game play Part 1

June 9, 2015 in Development

So with real life finally settling down for hopefully a long while it’s time to get back into game development. When discussing the development of our next game, Maki and I thought blogging through the development process could be a fun thing so without further ado here’s the first of my entries.

Adalynne is the main character, very early on in the game she acquires the ability to shapeshift. For those of you who played Sunken Spire the system has been developed more, this time around you’ll be changing forms in the middle of battles automatically based on conditions. Let’s have a quick look.

Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot

She’s the daughter of Elsa and Gideon who accidentally fused with the shape shifting Ooze (oh wait that’s terrible fan fiction).

As you can hopefully see, Adalynn’s form changes as her HP gets lower. Now is probably a good time to mention that at this early stage nearly everything is place holder – though the human form sprite is actually Adalynne. Each form has varying stats, the first form is meant to be the Fox form and has a higher attack power and speed but lower defences. The final form is meant to be the Slime form which has lowered offensive stats but higher defensive stats. They also have varying access to skills which are handled in groups like so:


Form Physical Offence Defence Buffs Debuffs
Human x x
Fox x x
Slime x x


None of the characters in this game employ a traditional leveling system. Adalynne uses a system currently called the mastery system. Given the complexity of her form condition system the mastery system has been kept fairly straight forward, for Adalynne to get stronger she just has to defeat a quota of each enemy type, if she lands the killing blow then she gets triple the progress. In the event of potentially missing a skill all skills which are not on unavoidable enemies will be learnt by leveling up a few levels after you could have acquired them. Here’s a quick look:


Screenshot Screenshot

With careful planning that HP could be your in 3 Slimes or 7 if you are less than optimal.

I should probably mention how levels work. Your level is calculated based on your stats, so as you gain stats your level will increase. For most characters gaining levels only really have the potential to grant skills you missed but Adalynne currently also gains access to new forms by level though that will probably change. For fun 40HP is roughly one third of a level.

I will do a second blog entry on Adalynne later when more of her forms are implemented and some general combat systems are completed but I’ll finish this up with a brief glance at the form system. As I previously mentioned form changes are automatic based on conditions, which you can change at will as long as you’re outside of battle.



You’ll unlock more conditions as you play.

My next entry will probably be the second main playable character whose skills are based around the idea that health is wealth…