Commercial Project Blog: Makio Week 3

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June 21, 2015 in Development

Good week~!!

There’s something refreshing about smashing through my personal weekly goals twice in a row. All I had wanted to finish was getting everyone’s poses done for the main cast. Those are done and so are a large bulk of their emotions. They’ll likely need more for situations that haven’t cropped up yet in the story, but the basics are in place for each character’s standard moodsets. Honestly, busts are the easy part, but it still feels great to have them done.

Also done are the basic busts for the three most crucial NPCs for the first half of the game: Velda, Groose, and Hugo. Only Velda and Groose were on my weekly goal list, but tonight I managed to squeeze Hugo in as well!



General Velda is a very key character in the game’s story and to Adalynn’s character. Apparently this kingdom’s military doesn’t have any laws about keeping their hair cropped. (Good, we need those luscious haired lady knights. Very important.) Groose is the King’s advisor and Hugo is just another knight in the same part of the military as Adalynn. He looks like a jerk – that was intentional. It’s always fun to get to draw notably skeevy characters.

A lot of my time this week was put into working on sprites for the game. I’ve also begun working with PalladinThug to get some of the sprites better (namely Roneliph and Koren). So far he’s done wonderful work with Phil~! I’m excited to see what he’ll bring to Koren! As for my own spriting endevours, I think the thing I am most proud of is this:

Hoot appears!!

Well there’s that strange looking owl again! Now it’s growing out of her head? Alright then. Whatever you say, Maki. Here’s another custom sprite for the game that I’m very proud of!

Boogie DownI'm listening...Snooooooooore

This charming little— err, big —turtle is an Earth Elemental who you’ll be meeting in one of the game’s early dungeons. She’s quite adorable, isn’t she?

The story is moving along well enough, we’re almost at the 2/3s mark for the first half of the game’s writing. The characters are all a bunch of lovable mooks, and I’m quite excited for the future when you all will have a better chance to meet them. For now you’ll have to take my word for it. You believe me don’t you? We’re almost up to the part where Groose gets introduced to the story, and let me tell you a thing – I love him a lot, so I’m excited! We’re not going to be done by the end of the month, that much has become reality, but we’re still pushing to get as much done as possible! Not sure about everyone else, but I’m going to continue keeping  dev blog for both this and for AwaF done the line. :) (I just like to talk)

Here’s a graceful shot of our protagonist to close this out.

Yaaaawwnnn! Another 5 minutes, Will. Please.

* Continue the writing! I’d love us to get to at least the end of Part B.
* Emotions for Velda, Groose, and Hugo
* Finalize the sprites for Phil and Koren
* Behaviour sprites for a lot of scenes
* Consolidating sheets for random town NPCs and making ones with alt. skin colours
* Two more battle sprites for Adalynn
* Some tileset edits: Big Window; Taller Pillars

* Two MORE battle sprites for Adalynn
* Write all the things
* Battle sprites for SPOILER and SPOILER and SPOILER and SPOILER??
* Punch Hugo in the face