Commercial project Blog: Indrah’s Week 2

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June 14, 2015 in Development

Ahoy! Guess, what? I spend all week DOING THE SAME AS THE LAST. And next week I’ll continue. And the next. And the next. Until the game is done, because 90% of my work is mapping and writing.

So yeah. Got writing and mapping done. Not at the superfast pace I’d like, but things are getting down. I’ve noticed writing-wise I tend to have trouble with introducing characters, especially close together in time (and boy do all the cast members come one after the other). I’m not sure if I should spoil the story too much, so let’s just say there’s plenty of precious chars and plenty of…chars that are appealing to each dev specifically (just try to guess which one is Maki’s fave XD)

Mapping-wise it’s been a relatively slow week. Finished the mine, did the recolor of the mossy cave; added in some editions and add-ons we needed when we changed some story flow bits, mapped the first town and now I’m in the middle of a newly devised area we needed (an abandoned village) because the game seemed to be rushing along too quickly and we needed a place to stop and let the characters breathe a bit.

So they’ll breathe GHOSTS. AND LIKE IT! >D

Here you have the weekly offerings, again nothing spectacular:

The finished recolor and edits to the mossy cave.

Yuria village, aka the initial human village. All towns will be very small because as we learned with Sunken Spire, pretty but large towns are more likely to confuse the player, especially if the plot doesn’t really NEED them.

Part of the underground tunnels under the abandoned village. A sinister place…once the lighting for it gets done, I promise XD

That’s all, really. Been steadily chugging along, no big events to report (man I’m bad at this dev blogging biznes)