Commercial Project Blog: Makio Week 1

June 7, 2015 in Development

Hello all! *blows dust off the website and uses a bit of spit and polish* First, I’ll say that I added some of our newer games on here! Because it we’re going to be using this place, best make it all officially pretty and whatever. Still have a couple more to add and I’ll need to fix up the GAMES page, but they are on the slideshow and the drop down menu. Anyway, onto the facts at hand.

It’s with sadness that I state that due to the delays with IGMC I won’t be able to compete. So instead the four of us (Dragonfly and Blue Coral) are going to put the same limitations that the contest would place on us (one month) and make the game we were intending to make for the contest in the first place and amp it up for a Commercial release. A game with no name, but plenty of concept down! A while back, I had already designed the playable characters for the first half of the game.



What a lovely line up of people~ It’s pretty exciting to be working on a game with Blue Coral again – even more exciting that this one isn’t attached to any pre-existing universe or plotlines. A totally original game from the collaborative minds of the four of us! This is going to be a blast. I’ve been ITCHING to start working on the actual art for the game. With the week being  short one (only starting on Thursday and me being away for 3 of those days) I haven’t got much done yet. But I did have a chance to get 3 character’s basic busts done!


From left to right is Adalynn, our shapeshifting protagonist, William, her Page, and Olga, a money-wise noblewoman. We’re going to be using the same script for displaying busts as Sunken Spire, but I really wanted to get a bit more of the characters’ body in the images compared to that game. Mostly because I’m excited about their designs, but also because I’ll hopefully have time to do a couple of different poses and body language for each character.


The other thing I’ve finished off this week was the main cast’s battle sprites. We’ve gottten permission to use monta!‘s sprites for this game which are an absolute JOY to work with. Making the sprites was an exciting game of franken-spriting, freehand and recolouring and I’m really proud of the results. There’s still a few adjustments to be made (some colours I’m not happy with, a few awkward lines, etc) but overall, they’re off to a good start.

Goals for next week:
* Finish off the basic bust for the other playable characters
* Work on hashing out the intro better with Indrah
* Recolour the cave tiles
* Finish one or two of Adalynn’s forms battlesprites
* Get a couple sprites done