GMD Day Five

June 13, 2013 in Development

The day started off much the same as the last couple days, itty bitty things like refining colours and taking care of little annoyance bugs. But then we got into a couple fun things.

GMD5 - SkillItem

I finally tackled a script that was scaring me a little bit (since it was the first major-ish script I was making for the project and there are a number of non-default scripts I am working with now) but was excited for because it’s a fairly important aspect to the game. So I don’t think I’ve mentioned before, but a core mechanic to the game is the gathering, refining, and use of items. There are renewable gather spots on the maps, a crafting system to refine what you gather, and most skills, particularly for Gerda and Kai, will use items.

An important aspect of this is skills that have more than one option for items that you can use. We could just have “regular arrow,” “winter arrow,” “poison arrow” as skill options, but it is preferable to just have a “shoot arrow” and then select from whatever arrows you currently have. This also allows for various possibly unforeseen combinations of skills and items. Generally how it works is you have a skill with basic stats, and the arrow you pick will add various effects, be it extra damage, a status effect, or a new element. You can also have skills that take the item as the base and just enhance it. Which items are available for the skill can be limited on a skill-by-skill basis.

GMD5 - sketch

The other exciting work completed today was some sketches and designs for the town and a rough layout for the areas around it. This also resulted ina first draft of the map for Gerda and Kai’s homes. They will need editing and new items to complete them, but the basic structure is more or less in place.