GMD Days Three and Four

June 11, 2013 in Development

These days were less exciting, so I ended up delaying posting about them.

Day Three:
-Implemented a victory screen. It will still need some customization
-Play around with the DS tilesets just to learn what exists and how they are used.
-Planned out a large chunk of the party’s skills on paper after clarifying their roles in battle.
-More writing!

Day Four:
-Scripts for various little things like some future skill effects and touch encounters. The touch encounters script was modified and experimented with to get the desired affect.
-A font was picked <3
-Refined the battle layout a bit more and added party battle portraits.
-Even more writing.

GMD Day Two

June 6, 2013 in Development

A smaller list for today, but much more focused.
-Thanks to a lucky find from a request, I was able to ditch the crafting system that didn’t really fit for one that was quite a bit closer. It still needed a fair bit of adjustment, but the changes were a lot smaller than if I had stayed with the other script. Not 100% finished with it yet I think, but all the things that bugged me (and some actual bugs) have been fixed and I added a couple of features needed for our game.
Things I added or changed for the above:
–Added the ability to remove items
–Made the number of displayed slots one more than the number of ingredients presently entered up to a yet to be determined maximum
–Changed how the scene is controlled so you can get to any window with just the direction buttons
–Added a button to reset crafting
–Divided crafting into two subcategories
–Made the list of items on the right only include items that are an ingredient for at least one recipe
–Removed the category bar since 95% of the ingredients will be items
–Added the In Inventory display for the resulting item

-I made a quick windowskin. Might not be final, but it’s closer than the DS pack one I hadn’t changed yet.
-Maki designed some more characters. This plus characters designed previously completes most of the characters currently mentioned in the story. I’m sure there will be NPCs needed later though.

Welcome and GMD Day One

June 5, 2013 in Development

Welcome to the new development blog for Dragonfly Studios. We have a few banners and such that need to be replaced yet, but the content is more or less in place. We thought we’d try to keep the majority of the content for the Game Making Drive posts here so you can follow the progress of our latest game.

So a little backstory on the current game in progress. It doesn’t have a title yet, so we’ve just been calling it “Snow Game” or some form there of until the point at which a title magically comes to us (unlikely) or we spend an hour trying to find ideas for one. The idea for this game was first formed in August of 2012. After so many non-RPGs, we really wanted to make an actual RPG. We’re working on all these smaller projects to improve our development skills for Ethereal Dreams, but we keep working on games that aren’t even RPGs! That said, it kind of stalled out super fast as we both went from largely unemployed bums to working full-time. Then Halloween Flop happened and showed us that hey, making battles can actually be fun when you put thought into it, and we were motivated once more to game make!

So what is currently done? Not a huge amount editor wise.
-A bullet-form list of the story is done. It will probably see revision as it gets fleshed out.
-Main characters are designed.
-Core mechanics have been discussed and roughly developed.

Before the start of June and GMD, that is where the game stood. Day One brought progress on the battle menu and sprites for the main cast.

Further GMD posts starting later tonight will have full details.